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Client Testimonials

"Working with Gianna was fun and educational. She puts a lot of care and effort into the program she mapped out for my son Kobe.

We would ABSOLUTELY work with her again and recommend her to friends and family who are seeking nutrition and or weight gain.

She’s the Best"

Reggie P

"It's been great being able to work with EnerGi Nutrition. Being able to go back to college and conquer preseason, full season, post season and feeling good about what I'm eating has been great"

Vivian N.

"Gianna was just what I needed. She was able to develop a program that provided protein, meal planning and hydration goals for me as I started a heavy weight lifting program. As someone with a few other medical issues, this was not traditional nutritional plan. Gianna's knowledge and experience has helped me achieve my goal of becoming stronger and healthier. Highly recommend her!"

MaryEllen D.

"Gianna was very nice and explained things to me really well. She got me on track for my weight gain goals."

Ryan R.

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