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Gianna's Athlete Fueling Academy

For athletes who are ready to fuel for optimal performance with CONFIDENCE


  • Want to know what to eat for optimal health, performance, and longevity in sports

  •  Want a clear and customized guide for meal and snack timing to enhance energy and recovery 

  • Desire quick and easy snack and meal recipes for fueling on the go

  • Want to know how to tackle hydration and electrolytes with easy guides and sport recovery drink rankings

  • Want to understand supplement safety and best practices


12 Sport Nutrition Modules

Covering A-Z's on fueling for success- Handouts and resources that can be downloaded to keep on topics like- building a performance plate, fueling on the go, injury recovery, tournament days and more!

Weekly live group coaching calls + 24/7 community access

Weekly group calls on zoom- all are recorded and can be replayed

A private group community is created for engagement, motivation, and Q+A to get answers in real time

Sport Nutrition Workbooks

Exclusive worksheets to accompany the modules as additional learning material

What to expect

Phase 1: The Basic Nutrition Needs for Athletes

Uncover the powerful connection between exercise and nutrition. Learn macronutrient foundations and exactly how to build your performance plates. Clear actions and workbooks provided for success.

Phase 2: A Deep Dive into Carbohydrate Utilization

Discover macronutrient timing, specifically carbohydrate timing. Learn the different types of carbs, what ones to include, how much, and when. Easily applicable resources provided.

Phase 3: Hydration

Take a deep dive into hydration fundamentals. Explore different electrolytes and practical ways to incorporate them.

Phase 4: Supplements + Sport Drinks

Clarify the ever changing supplement industry. Explore supplement safety for the NCAA athlete. 



Knew EXACTLY what to eat and when to fuel yourself to play your best game or best training

Had CONFIDENCE that what you are eating is helping with your recovery process

Had NO WORRIES with supplement safety and NCAA eligibility

Started playing YOUR BEST because you are using proper nutrition as an edge over your competition

Meet your coach

Gianna Roma MS, RD, CSSD

I was once a young competitive athlete too. Soccer was my world. I know first hand how important nutrition can be in aiding my sports performance. Maybe similar to some of you, I had NO idea where to start. There is so much on the internet on nutrition and I had no idea what to believe. I personally had major issues managing my hydration. I was cramping in games, getting lightheaded, and even slurring my words after games. Don't make the same mistakes I made. Join today to learn how you can FUEL with CONFIDENCE.


Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 4.47.30 PM.png


Is this just for soccer players?

No! This program tackles sports nutrition tactics across the board with some sport by sport specifications


When does the program start?

The kickoff date is April 15th 2024- You don't want to miss this!


Will I get enough personalized attention?

Yes! The live calls are a group call, but you have the chance to ask questions for yourself during them. On the private platform you also have 24/7 access to ask questions.


How long is the course and what is the time commitment

The course is 12 weeks. To see best results it is recommended to commit 1.5 hours per week (that is with the weekly call included). Most clients I work with are busy parents or full time students, so I make it manageable


What if I can't make the live calls

Not a problem, all calls are recorded and can be replayed at a later date.


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